How SpotNoor Works

Discover the step-by-step process of how SpotNoor turns social media influence into a powerful force for humanitarian aid.

Campaign Selection

Each journey begins with a cause. SpotNoor carefully selects campaigns that align with our mission to make a positive impact. Our team assesses each campaign to ensure its potential success.

Influencer Collaboration

We partner with a group of dedicated Muslim influencers who are passionate about using their platforms for good. These influencers become the driving force behind each campaign, bringing awareness and support to the chosen cause.

Logistics Coordination

SpotNoor takes care of all the details, from coordinating schedules and flights to handling visas and honorariums. Our logistics team ensures that everything runs smoothly, allowing influencers to focus on making a difference.

Fundraising Efforts

The real action begins when the influencers embark on the journey. Led by our fundraising expert, Jae Deen, influencers work closely to coach and coordinate content that resonates with their followers. This is where the magic happens.

Communication and Operations

Muhammad, our Head of Operations, takes charge of communication and operations leading up to the trip. With years of experience, he ensures seamless coordination among influencers, making the entire process efficient and impactful.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Our campaigns not only generate funds for charitable causes but also deliver a significant return on investment. On average, we achieve a 2x-3x ROI, turning each trip into a powerful vehicle for change."

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